Free Rosary Book to Help You Explain the Rosary

We understand that the Rosary can be intimidating or confusing to some people, which is why we created the Free Rosary Book resource to help you understand and appreciate this beautiful devotion.

The Rosary is a form of prayer that involves meditating on the mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ while praying the prayers of the Rosary. These mysteries include the Joyful Mysteries, the Luminous Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and the Glorious Mysteries. Each mystery is accompanied by specific prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be.

One of the unique aspects of the Rosary is that it uses beads to keep track of the prayers. These beads are arranged in a circle, with a larger bead separating each decade (a set of 10 Hail Marys). As you pray the Rosary, you move from bead to bead, saying the prayers and meditating on the mysteries.

We believe that the Rosary is a powerful tool for deepening our relationship with God and growing in holiness. It allows us to reflect on the life of Jesus and bring our own prayers and concerns before Him. We hope that our Free Rosary Book will be a helpful resource for you as you begin or continue your journey with the Rosary. May the peace of the Lord be with you.

Let’s talk about the Rosary

Is the Rosary Biblical?

by Godwin Delali Adadzie
Many people are wondering why Catholics hold those beads called the rosary in their hands and what the real inspiration behind them is. In this little booklet, I will attempt to give quick answers to some of the questions and doubts often raised by people.

Catholic Apologetics Guide 101

Scriptural Reference for Catholic Apologetics

by Godwin Delali Adadzie
This is a little book for those seeking a right understanding of apologetics in the context of Catholicism. It is written in a simple and friendly manner. It is an attempt to look at some Catholic positions from a Biblical perspective. It is hoped that this book will appeal to both Catholic and non-Catholic readers. It is not written in a “scholarly” way, but as a plain “theological” statement with the hope of carrying conviction.

This book does not pretend to be exhaustive. The field which it covers is too vast to admit of minute analysis. A good number of Catholics leave the Church every year due to poor understanding of the faith and also to the efforts of anti-Catholic groups and churches. Realizing that misrepresentation and misunderstanding are the chief sources of error; this book serves as a quick guide to remove some of these errors.

And You Will Know The Truth

How to Explain and Defend The Catholic Faith

by Sebastian R. Fama
Quite often, those who object to Catholicism will do so on scriptural grounds. They claim the teachings of the Church are opposed to the teachings of the Bible. However, Scripture read in context fully supports Catholic teaching. The primary goal of this book is to present the biblical case for Catholicism. The writings of the Early Church Fathers are also referred to. This is to show that those who were taught by the Apostles believed and interpreted the Scriptures in the same way that the Catholic Church does today.

Ecce Fides

Pillar of Truth

by Fr. John J. Pasquini
Anywhere from twenty to eighty percent of Protestant and pseudo-Christian denominations are made up of former Catholics. And sadly, there are too many practicing Catholics who do not believe in the Church’s infallibility in the areas of faith and morals.

This book is intended to combat this dangerous trend. Ecce Fides is a book intended to reaffirm Catholics in their faith and in the infallibility of their Church. It is intended to bring back home those who have fallen away from their faith, to convince searching Christians of a home in the Catholic Church, and to convert in a gentle manner Protestants and Pseudo-Christians to the fullness of Christianity as found in the Catholic Church.

Ecce Fides is a work dedicated to defending Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit.
In the first three hundred years of Christianity, one million Catholics lost their lives as martyrs. Come join the faith that was built on Christ and the blood of his martyrs.

Catholic Discussion of Seventh-day Adventism

by Stephen Korsman
Seventh-day Adventists give Catholics a hard time with the misinformation they spread about the Catholic Church and the day of the week they worship on. This ebook is one Catholic’s study of Adventist claims, the Bible, and the Catholic Church. It tries to show how the Bible explains why Christians stopped keeping the Old Testament sabbath and why they started keeping Sunday instead. It also looks at other important topics related to Adventism and Catholicism.

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